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prague! come! - Jumbos at Large
Abroad and loving it
prague! come!
Tons of wonderful things happening lately.....in particular, the opera I was in went up and it was a lot of fun...and I've taken two biking trips, one to Lake Neusiedl, which is in Austria and Hungary, and then one to Melk, which has the Melk Abbey (check out pictures of it online, it's SO gorgeous) and is in the Danube Valley. That was just really beautiful. It's on the Romantic Road of Austria, if that gives you any idea...you pass tons of little tiny towns, fruit stands, castles, and mountain passes on the trail.

I can't write much now, because I have a bunch of work to do that I've definitely been putting off, but I just wanted to let everyone know that a few of us (thus far, me, Maggie, Kate and Dave...Doug and Stella, will you guys be there?) are going to be in Prague the weekend of November 10-12. If you're free then, do your damnedest to get there, cause I miss you all. And it would be really cool to have a mini-Tufts reunion in Eastern Europe.

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