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Net Gain - Jumbos at Large
Abroad and loving it
Net Gain
(Written on October 21. Livejournal is not letting me post from my laptop for some reason, so events and statements might be a bit dated).

Prague is in the midst of the "Movies on Film, Film on Music" Festival (www.moffom.org), and there has been some really cool stuff going on. On
Friday, my visiting parents and I attended a screening of the 1920's film "Der Golem" accompanied by live music performed by (wait for it) Klezmer hip-hop maestro So-Called.

"Der Golem" is a silent film which tells the famous legend of the Golem of Prague, a powerful clay man brought to life by a rabbi in Prague to defend the Jewish community. Whenever Madonna goes blah blah blah about the Kabballah, she's talking about magic that supposedly brings clay men to life, whether she knows it or not. Anyway, obviously this Golem goes beserk and they have to trick him into removing the scroll from this chest that gives him life. Mary Shelley wrote "Frankenstein" after visiting the Jewish cemetery in Prague and hearing the legend of the Golem, so you bet your sweet ass that there was a
part where Golem meets a little girl and she gives him a flower.

The movie itself was not the most interesting part, even though it's not every day you see a film where Jews are depicted as wizards who wear tall hats oddly reminiscent of circumcised penises - I digress. So-Called provided a soundtrack of a fusion of hip-hop beats and distinctly Jewish/Klezmer musical phrases. The man himself used a mixer and turntables, and he was backed up by a standup bass, violin, piano, and two vocalists who provided hauntingly beautiful wordless melodies at various points in the film. The musicians got a standing ovation from a crowd of Americans and Czechs young and old.

Later that night was another important experience, albeit one I'm more familiar with. Some of our fellow CIEE students set up a Beirut/beer pong table in their apartment. Who won the first game? Doug and Stella, Jumbos at Large, beating the home team in what certainly is Tufts' most popular competitive sport. We lost in Sudden Death on the next game, but still: my first international Beirut win. Let's see, the movie/concert was about $7 and the beer was about $1 per bottle. All in all, a great night at little cost.

What's that? Excuse me? Oh, yes. I need to amend that last statement. You see, about an hour and 5 or 6 drinks after my first international Beirut win was my first international drunk dial. Turns out international calls are kind of expensive. Oh well. Still a net gain.

I'm flying to Turkey tomorrow. I'm meeting up with people in Kusadasi, but first I'm flying into Istanbul and taking a smaller plane to Izmir on the Aegean Coast. I'm kind of nervous about doing that first leg of the trip alone - making a connecting flight and rechecking luggage is stressful enough when I know the language. I'll make it though, I'm really psyched. I'll be there from 22.10 until 30.10, so get ready from some amazing
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nalgenenation From: nalgenenation Date: November 1st, 2006 06:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Is there a reason you're not telling us to whom this drunk-dial was made, hmm?

(ps, you can tell me Doug...you can tell me anything. you're like a brother to me, man. i mean, come on...we roomed together. who was it?)
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