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Abroad and loving it
make a little birdhouse in your soul
There's a little bit of me going every which way right now. It's not the best feeling.

I'm quite anxious about coming home. I want to stay, but I want to be home. It's getting very hard now that the one month mark is passed and counting down is easier than ever - last minute trips are being planned and assignments handed out so that we have enough to be graded on. My professors are giving us piteous looks - as though to say "I'm sorry but in these last few weeks it's really time to start cracking down".

I'm going to miss this city, it's definitely sunk it's claws into me.

But let's not dwell on leaving...

I was in Vienna this weekend to see Bridget and a Tool concert, and I had one of the best travel weekends of my life. The city was simply aglow with Christmas lights, and seeing the gorgeous Austrians strolling down the streets in their finest took me to another time and place out of kitschy old Hollywood film.

I loved seeing Klimt and Schiele too, and being able to talk about them with my art history professor today was a wonderful feeling. It's much different to discuss and study art in the place it was conceived and originally displayed, Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Klimt, Kupka, Mucha, Bilek, Preisler...I feel I can understand the context and inspiration behind their work when I see their cities and homes.

It was nice to see Bridget's program too, at least a bit of it. It's crazy to think we all left for these radically different programs, and we're scattered about the world doing unimaginable things with our lives.

I've got off for my column this week - but I guess I'll write it anyway because I found some great material this weekend.

Peace to all, na zdravi.